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Release Candidates

Fortis Revolution is now being deployed in a tiered fashion. We have put a freeze on adding new features and major architectural revisions for each named release series below. New versions within a release series will address bugs. The development team's bigger changes are made in a development branch of the code. When a release series has proven to be stable and the development team does not need to spend significant time providing bug fixes for it, then the active development revision of Fortis Revolution will be given a code name and added here for beta testing of our new features and architectural improvements.

Each release series is assigned a project code name. This will help our product testers and beta users understand the difference between major changes and simple bug fixes. (Additionally, these wiki pages will document the specific changes.)


Wiwaxia Build - (Wiwaxia)

Wiwaxia is soft-bodied scale covered animal from the Cambrian Period. Wiwaxia is somewhat like a polychaete and an annelid: possibly a unique type of creature, or perhaps a distant ancestor to both.

This is the first Fortis release to incorporate our WYSIWYM editor.

Brontosaurus Build - (Brontosaurus)

Brontosaurus is a sauropod dinosaur that lived in the Jurrasic period. Brontosaurus means "thunder lizard," although this name has been replaced by Apatosaurus following some archeological confusion.

This Fortis release includes a revised user experience, multilanguage batch imports/exports, and a re-architectured Semantis with ODBC support.

Lichida Build - (download Lichida)

Lichida is an order of typically spiny trilobite that lived from the Ordovician to the Devonian period.

Lichida includes a Unicode editor/converter, TMX support, a significantly faster fuzzy search engine, and new Adobe FrameMaker and Microsoft Word filters.

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